Personalized Wood Hangers for the Wedding Party – the Perfect Keepsake

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Personalized wood hangers

Looking for a way to add an extra layer of specialness to an already fantastic day – with a practical side that will delight the members of your wedding party? Personalized wood hangers can add that extra touch and give your most important people something to cherish from the special day.

Each personalized wooden wedding hanger is designed for the recipient. Their name is engraved on the wood hanger and the hanger is suited for their garment they wore at the wedding and can be taken home as a souvenir for display or physical use that can last for years.

Before the wedding, the hangers can be used to display the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ gowns, and even the tuxes or suits worn by the groom and his men of honor. The personalized wood hangers can be used to present the dresses and suits for pictures in the dressing room, making a sweet set of “before” photos to add to the wedding album.

Wood hangars are gentle on clothing, won’t cause creases or bulges, and keep your garments smooth and unwrinkled until they are needed. Once it’s time to get dressed, the hangars can be used for attire intended for the reception.

Personalized wood hangers

The bride may need more than one hanger for multiple pieces of her wedding outfit – the dress, petticoat if needed, veil, train, and other items can be carefully arranged so as to not drag on the floor and to avoid weighting any of the fabric down.

The bridesmaids will love that their pretty dresses are also being treated with the same love and care, and they can take their hangers home with them to keep that event dress safe and sound in their own closet. Smaller hangers are available for kids standing up as flower girls or ring bearers.

The men can appreciate a well-crafted wooden hanger as well. Wooden hangers are perfect for keeping creases on pant legs in perfect order, without adding unsightly cross ways folds like all wire hangers or even plastic hangers can do. The men won’t feel left out when their groomsmen outfits are treated with the same respect and care as the women’s.

While in many cases the bride may decide to get personalized wood hangers, plenty of mothers of the brides, mothers of the grooms, maids of honor, bridesmaids, and friends may decide that personalized wood hangers for the wedding party are a great bridal shower gift. They can be carefully boxed and sent to the address specified, allowing for the surprise to stay under wraps until the big reveal.

These hangers will definitely add an air of elegance and luxury to the wedding and each member of the party will leave with a unique gift and an appreciation of the amazing event they were part of. When you use this kind of gift, it’s personal and memorable, and your friends and family will treasure it for years after the wedding takes place.

Wondering Where to Wear your Expensive Custom Suits? Here are 5 Options!

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Custom Wedding Suits

You’ve acquired some gorgeous custom suits, just like very man should have. Now the big question – where do you wear them? Many men aren’t sure of the etiquette for suit wear. Here are eight places that it’s always acceptable to dress up, so pull that jacket and tie off the wood hangar and suit up!

Weddings should be an obvious option. Unless you are going to a redneck wedding with a camouflage and denim dress code, an expensive custom suit is always appropriate. Choose the cut, color, and weight based on whether it is a spring or winter wedding, the venue is indoors or out, and the hour is morning or evening.

Wedding Custom Suits

Job Interviews
Another obvious option – it’s almost always right to wear a suit to a job interview, even if it’s for a job where you won’t need to wear a suit every day. The higher up in the company hierarchy the interviewer is, the more expensive your custom suit should be. Don’t forget a memorable (but not unprofessional) tie.

On a First Date
Unless you are going to do something that requires specific clothing (such as a hike or a bowling alley) a custom suit can make an amazing impression and show the lady you are taking out that she’s important enough to dress up for. Stay subtle, not flashy, and let the classiness of your attire spill out into your attitude.

Networking Events
Trade shows and other networking events may get you out of the office but they shouldn’t get you out of your custom suit. Dress like a professional, and up your game at the after show cocktail party! Don’t forget the pocket square.

custom suits

At Legal Proceedings
Depositions and court appearances are solemn events and you will be expected to be professional. Showing up in an expensive custom suit gives you an extra layer of armor, which can be very helpful, and keeps people from making unfavorable assumptions about you. A three-piece suit with a waistcoat is appropriate; keep the tie subtle.

To Business Meetings
Even if it’s just a professional meet and greet at a bar or a brunch with higher ups, a custom suit can ensure you are at the top of your game and make you look every inch the professional. Aim for sophisticated and understated, but add a splash of color with a tie stripe ort a pocket square.

As with weddings, unless it’s explicitly stated that the dress is casual, you can’t go wrong with a suit. For more relaxed events and garden parties, you can lighten your look with a pinstripe or colored shirt – for black tie affairs, of course black and white is expected as is a bow tie.

Custom Mens Suits

The Opera
Visiting the opera is a throwback to a more genteel time, and dressing up is half the fun. An expensive custom suit is never out of place. Tails are optional, as is an expensive scarf and a topcoat if the evening is chilly.

Don’t forget to take good care of your expensive custom suits. Store them on a wood hangar and make sure you have them cleaned several times a year even if they are not worn.

Your Guide to Hanging Expensive Men’s Suits Properly with Wood Hangers

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Buying a custom-made men’s suit will cost you $2,000 easily. How you take care of that suit will determine whether or not you get your money’s worth in its wear. Thankfully luxury wood hangers are made with men’s suits in mind. These high class solid hangers will hold up your heaviest suits. Plus, your clothing benefits from the special features of suits hangers. Learn how to extend the life of your expensive suit using wood hangers.

Men's Suits

Step 1: Replacing Plastic Hangers

Your first step is to replace those pesky plastic hangers in your closet. When you invest in men’s wood hangers you are saving yourself right off the bat. How many times have you had to throw away a broken plastic clothes hanger that couldn’t hold up your suit? Stop replacing broken hangers with plastic, and utilize wood hangers instead. In addition to being made from durable, long lasting materials, you are safe from BPA and other toxins in plastics.

Featuring hardwood sourced for making smooth yet sturdy men’s hangers, a well-made wood hanger will last you a lifetime. Your clothes will be held up by natural materials free of noxious plastic chemicals.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Men’s Hangers

In order to do the job of hanging men’s suits, heavy coats, winter sweatshirts, and pressed pants, you need the right hangers. For starters, when hanging men’s clothing you need hangers with a wide shoulder. Opt for luxury wood hangers with wide paddle-like features that hold up the shoulder rather than letting it droop.

Your pants require a little assistance to keep them from dropping from hangers as well. Check out the rubberized grip on the horizontal pants rod on men’s hangers. This is ideal for holding slick pants material in position on a hanger. Yet it is thick enough to prevent a crease from forming on the pants.

Suits hangers
You need a hanger that can hold your shirt, pants, and dress jacket on one strong hanger for convenience and to save time. A set of men’s wood hangers will achieve this goal for your wardrobe.

Step 3: How to Select Men’s Wood Hangers

If you are ready to add a touch of elegance and high quality to your closet, then its time to start using men’s wood hangers. Your first step is to count the number of plastic hangers you are going to replace with wood hangers for men. Look for men’s hangers made from solid wood, a metal swivel hook, and wide shoulder bars. You also want a wood pants bar with a rubberized finish.

Next consider the color of your hangers. Choose the same color for all of your hangers for a professional arrangement. Suits hangers and other wood hangers are most likely to be stained rather than painted, in order to show off the quality wood.

By using luxury wood hangers for your men’s clothing needs you increase the value of your wardrobe. Give men’s wood hangers a place to hang out in your closet.

Care for Your Garments Using Ezihom® Wood Hangers

Ezihom Hanger
Garment Wood Hangers

Quality Care for Your Garments Using Ezihom® Clothes Hangers

Premium quality Gugertree wood hangers made from an Asian evergreen that is highly durable and safe for use with all fabrics and materials
Top performing Trouser bar on wood hangers customized with a rubberized surface to prevent pants from slipping or becoming creased mid-leg
Expansive width of wooden hangers well suited to successfully hang winter coats, business suits and formal dresses without falling off
Superior design is preferred among men and women who want the best wood hangers in order to make their garments last
Retro styled wooden hangers suited for a variety of garments including suit hangers, coat hangers, dress hangers and casual clothes hangers

After spending top dollar to fill your wardrobe you want to ensure your dresses, business suits, formal attire, and casual wear has the best shelf life. Enter the world of wooden hangers designed by Ezihom®. The Ezihom® Clothes Hangers made from Gugertree wood are the highest quality of wooden hangers available. Choose the best wood hangers for storing your clothing to ensure the longest life of your garments.

The Ezihom® Wooden Hangers feature several important aspects to improve your clothes hanging experience. For starters, these wood hangers are made from solid Gugertree wood. No more breaking plastic clothes hangers thanks to the sturdy and durable design of these eco-friendly suit hangers and coat hangers. The high quality wood is polished to perfection to ensure your clothing isn’t snagged by splintering wood. A protective polish is added to the exterior of the wood for a long lasting wood hanger.

Size matters for the wood hangers by Ezihom®. You will receive a wood suit hanger measuring approximately 17.5 inches in length by 9.5 inches in height by 2.2 inches in thickness. Note that this size of wooden hanger is well suited for hanging your heaviest dresses and big size business suits.

For the Trouser bar our clothes hangers made of wood feature a non-slip protective coating. This prevents your trousers, skirts, pants, or sweaters from slipping from the round locking bar. You will never suffer from a creased leg again thanks to this innovative round bar design. Hang up your entire business suit or casual outfit on a single wooden hanger thanks to our sturdy design.

Hanging your clothing in a wardrobe or closet is convenient given the chrome-polished hook at the top of the Ezihom® wooden hangers. Easily rotating by 360 degrees, this iron hook will hold up your heaviest garments. Store your winter coats, leather jackets, robes, parkas, and motorcycle riding gear on these superior quality wood hangers. You will appreciate the ease and appearance of these shiny chrome iron hooks.

Whether you are searching for the best suit hangers or wooden coat hangers we have you covered. Include the highest quality Gugertree wood hangers by Ezihom® in your wardrobe. Reorganize your clothing using our sophisticated and long lasting wood hangers for a more professional and polished closet space. Thank you for bringing the Ezihom® Wooden Hanger into your closet.

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Top 4 Garment Wood Hanger Brands

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Mens wood hangers

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1. Henry Hanger

Henry Hanger

When most people think of garment wood hanger, they think of their closets. What they may not know is that Henry Hanger set the stage for the evolution of garment hangers as we know them today.

Henry Spitz, the founder of Henry Hanger Company, had a simple premise; why hang personal or expensive garments on wire hangers that can cause wrinkling or damage clothing? When visiting retail stores, Mr. Spitz realized that the right garment hanger could actually make garments look better and even improve sales. With foresight and determination, he presented this product concept to fine hotels and large retailers like JC Penney and Saks Fifth Avenue. The rest is history – a history of innovation and servicing fine retail department stores, hotels and Hollywood’s “A” list for decades.

The Henry Hanger Company has been a garment industry icon since 1929. Bernard Spitz, son of Henry, was born in 1919 and at 15 years old began selling hangers for the company as he traveled the world representing the brand. The company is now 3rd generation, family-run, operating in New York, New Hampshire and Los Angeles with an additional factory overseas.

Henry Hanger remains top-of-mind among famous designers on New York’s Fashion Avenue, celebrities, and chic boutiques across America. No American garment hanger brand spells quality and fashion more than Henry Hanger. From fine woods and non-slip items, to sumptuous satins, to the company’s own signature acrylic line, Henry Hanger is synonymous with style.

2. Hanger Project

Hanger Project

The New Standard in Luxury Garment Wood Hanger

Through collaboration with renowned tailors, dandies, and men of style, Kirby Allison has created the world’s first collection of luxury wooden hangers. No longer must the well-dressed live frustrated at closets plagued by cheap wooden or plastic hangers. No longer must garments limp through life from one cheap hanger to another.

Stop ruining great clothes with cheap hangers. Kirby Allison has created the new standard in Luxury Wooden Hangers. Attentively designed to eliminate dimpling and collapsed shoulders, these luxury wooden hangers transform closets into sanctuaries and double the life of wardrobes.

Environmentally Responsible Wood

Our Natural Finish hangers from Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project are made from U.S.A. Maple Wood that we purchase direct from Weyerhaeuser. All of our premium maple wood is harvested under environmentally responsible and sustainable practice and regulated by the U.S. Government. We then ship our wood to our own manufacturing facilities. Most other manufacturers source their woods directly from China, for obvious reasons. Although these woods are acceptable for use, their origins and environmental policies are more difficult to track.

Unique design Characteristics

Several unique design characteristics help protect your investment in your wardrobe

3. Henkerman Hangers

Henkerman Mens Hangers

The humble garment wood hanger. They take care of our prized clothing collections and are often overlooked in our busy lives. Most often, our hangers are a bit of an eye sore that we really hope aren’t noticed to much – something just to hang our clothes on. While for some that might be true, for many other people, we simply are not aware of elegant alternatives to the standard department store hangers that can do a much better job at caring for our clothes and importantly turn our wardrobes into a space of beautiful sophistication we can be proud of.

We spend hundreds and thousands on gorgeous designer shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets and suits only to hang them on budget hangers that will break, stain, stretch and slip. They are often incorrectly sized for us, dimple the shoulders, do not match one another and do not make our wardrobe look attractive. For many, they are an extremely poor representation of how far we’ve come on life’s journey.

At Henkerman™ we believe our hangers are very important and should not only care for each garment in the best possible way, they carry a responsibility to help make your wardrobe match and look amazing. They should enhance the look and feel of your home and keep your clothes correctly shaped. Quality hangers help maximize the life of each garment and minimize the replacement costs associated with buying new clothes to replace the ones which have lost their shape.

Henkerman™ hangers demand attention. They are hand-made, strong, purposefully constructed and exquisitely designed. They will complete your wardrobe, set you apart and ignite a feeling of achievement and confidence every time you get dressed.

4. Ezihom Wood Hangers

wood hanger
Steven, the founder of Ezihom Wood Hanger Company, had a simple goal; hanging personal or expensive garments on wooden hanger without wrinkle or damage. This right garment wood hanger is better suited for personal closet, retail stores, hotels etc.

Ezihom is the new brand in 2016, but we are confident with our high quality hanger which is well designed.

Ezihom means “easy home fashion”. Our mission is to provide great product that is used easily. When you think of closet, Just think of Ezihom Hanger!

Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

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wardrobe bedroom

While the bed might be the “star” of most bedrooms, the right wardrobe is an important supporting player. But choosing the perfect wardrobe involves much more than simply walking into a store and proclaiming, “We’ll take that one!” Let’s take a closer look at four tips for making a choice you can more than just live with but love.

1. Function First

Before you even start thinking about choosing a wardrobe, you must first assess your own unique needs. Are you in critical need of basic storage space, or is hanging room of greater imperative?

Luckily, there are near-endless options when it comes to shapes and styles, but identifying what you need from a practical perspective can help you narrow the field long before you start shopping.

2. Size Matters

Even the world’s most amazing armoire is useless if it doesn’t fit into your living space. Measuring in advance can save you from heartache on delivery day.

One tip? When measuring, be sure to account to trim which might extend the piece’s frame. Tight on space, meanwhile? Consider a corner armoire to minimize its footprint.

The size of your armoire should also be influenced by how you’ll be using it. For example, an armoire for a couple should be considerable larger than one for a single person.


3. Color Count

Think a wooden wardrobe is just a wooden wardrobe? Think again. Wood not only comes in two main types — natural and industrial — but also in a full range of finishes and hues. And while you can expect to pay more for natural wood, it’s considered good investment in terms of durability.

Other common materials used in wardrobe construction include acrylic and laminate. Regardless, there’s an option out there guaranteed to fit your taste and budget.

Lastly, keep in mind that your wardrobe won’t exist in a vacuum. It’s color should also match with the overall color scheme of your space.

4. Style Speaks

Choosing a wardrobe isn’t like choosing an outfit to wear for the day. It’s a commitment. Not only that, but your choice of furniture style is anything but arbitrary; it’s a form of self-expression. From French country to mid-century modern and beyond, deciding on a style you not only love not but will also love five years from now is an essential part of the process.

And remember: furniture style isn’t arbitrary; rather, it’s a form of self-expression.

One specific consideration when it comes to style? Mirror or no mirror. Some wardrobes come with attached mirrors while others do not. There are pros and cons to either choice: While selecting a wardrobe with an attached mirror is convenient and guaranteed to complement your wardrobe, you’ll have a greater variety to choose from if you buy and mount your own.

While choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom can be an overwhelming process, it’s also an exciting one. After all, the right piece can vastly enhance your living space — in terms of both style and substance — for years to come.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Ezihom Wood Hanger

Ezihom Hanger

This wood hanger set is so high quality. It really is luxurious! And I think the first thing that I noticed about this is how wide the wood hangers are. The wide support will help all of my silky blouses and tunic tops stay securely on the hanger. I also have a lot of dresses that also have a lot of dresses that easily fall off the hanger. And because I have so many clothes in my closet and really doesn’t help. As soon as I take something off of the hangar, something else falls off. And then it becomes a domino effect so I can definitely appreciate the support that this Hanger gives.

wooden hangers extra wide wooden hangers wood hangers

Another feature that I love another feature that I love about the singer said is the special clear smooth coating polish. It really does stand out from the rest of the wood hangers in my closet. And it puts all of the wood hangers to shame! I will definitely have to invest in a lot more these hangers LOL. And even though the hangers are so smooth and soft it still prevents them from moving on the hangar which is pretty cool. Another feature that I like is the wood hanger bar. It allows for any type of material pants to hang on the bar without it moving off and slowly sliding off the hanger. And the hangar itself is Super Wide So depending on your size ( I wear a size 16) and I have have a wide pant & they fit perfectly they fit perfectly on this hangar. So this seems a lot of money in time because I don’t have to go out and invest in pants hangers when I get a 2 for 1!

The Chrome feature helps a lot too! I love the offset of the colors combined together and this particular color matches every piece of clothing in my closet. The wood itself upgrades my entire closet and I can’t go wrong with it. The hook holds the whole hanger together and is very strong. No matter how heavy my garment is I never see the struggle LOL.

Organize Your Wardrobe Now: The Social Life You Save May be Your Own

Closet Storage
clothes wardrobe

There isn’t much point to having a fine or favorite piece of clothing if you can’t find it. A well organized, clean, and tidy wardrobe can save you a lot of time in the morning, and it can make dressing up for Saturday night all the more enjoyable. Here are a few pointers for keeping your racks, drawers, and closet open, clean, and organized.

wardrobe organization

First, get rid of your rags

You might have a special affection for them, but you never wear them. If you can’t bring yourself to part with your classics, shove them in the attic. Some time apart will do you good. Keep only the best, freshest and most interesting items you have.

Reinvent your storage solution

Get a hold of some organizing drawers for the floor of your closet, or a hanging rack for shoes or jeans. Opt for storage units that allow you to see your options at a glance. This will reduce the unpleasantness while rushing to assemble an outfit.


If you’ve got a variety of things jammed into drawers and closets, then a little like-typing can go a long way. Try putting things of the same kin

Hang ‘em high

If you have room to hang everything you own, do. It beats folding and it keeps your things available to the eye.

clothes organization

Don’t sweater the small stuff

It can be tempting to shove sweaters in boxes during the summer. Doing so can make them lose their shape. Fold or hang them up. Using cedar really does help to prevent moth damage, it’s not a myth. But it should be replaced every six months.

sweater organization

Jeans genie

Jeans can be stored any way you like. It doesn’t matter if they get wrinkled or fade, it may even be a plus. The number one issue about jeans is minimizing the space they use. So fold them as neatly as needed for the sake of space.

Jeans Organization

Skirts & shorts

These can be oddballs in your closet. Hang them with clips and fold the sides so the the material isn’t marked up by the clips.

shorts organization

Dresses to kill

Hang your dresses according to three categories; color, length, and season. Color is the first thing you notice about a dress, so it should be the first criteria in selecting one to wear. Never leave them in dry cleaning bags. The chemicals will damage the fabric.

dress organization

Shoes clues

Store your shoes with one toe out and the other heel out. This may seem silly, but it will give you an overall view of the entire shoe for faster decision making.

shoe organization

Lingerie and under clothes

Organize your bedroom clothes according to color, type, and size. Be sure to rotate underwear and bras to prolong their life. You might try lining your drawers with silk. It may seem silly, but we think you’ll find it adds a special quality to the experience of selecting an item.

lingerie organization

How to Hang It: A Comparison of Different Clothes Hangers

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clothes hangers

You simply can’t have a great wardrobe if you don’t also have a great system for keeping it organized. That’s where hangers come in, of course. The right clothes hangers line up neatly in your closet, keep all your clothes sharply pressed and looking their best, and are easy for you to take on and off the clothes rod or rack.

If you’re in the market for new clothes hangers and wondering which might be the best for you, here’s a handy comparison. We’ll talk different shapes and materials so you can find the combination that works best for your needs.

Standard Hangers

standard hangers

The standard hanger shape is a squashed triangle with rounded corners to avoid snagging on clothing and a hook at the top to grasp a bar. This shape works well for a huge variety of clothes, and many people only have these in their closets. Shirts, blouses, dresses and blazers all hang nicely from the angled upper parts, while you can drape pants and skirts over the horizontal bottom rod.

Clip Hangers

clip hangers

The clip hanger is made from dresses and sometimes pants. A clip on either end grasps the material, usually a waistband, to hold the piece of clothing in place.

Tiered Hangers

Tiered Hangers

Tiered hangers are quite useful if you have a lot of clothing but don’t want to take up a lot of room in your closet, because they stack two, three or even four rows right on top of one another. This is especially handy if you want to keep outfits or matching pieces together.

Wire Hangers

wire hangers

Wire hangers are usually a byproduct of a trip to the cleaners, since these days, most people dislike how easily they break and catch on clothing.

Plastic Hangers

plastic hangers

These hangers are the traditional choice of most people, and while they are pretty functional, they tend to break easily, become caught on other hangers or lose their shape when supporting heavy clothes such as suits or blazers.

Fabric-Wrapped Hangers

fabric-wrapped hangers

You can buy fabric-wrapped hangers or do it yourself, but the result is a nice hanger that is less likely to snag on clothing than plastic or wire.

Wooden Hangers

suit hanger

Wooden hangers are kind of like the Hondas of the closet. They last forever, don’t need replacing and work reliably. Due to the finely sanded and finished wood, they never snag clothing, and because their angles are so much softer than a wire or a plastic hanger, they are less likely to pull clothes out of shape. Plus, their heavier construction makes it easier to line them up without getting caught on other hangers or becoming jumbled. Most people consider wooden hangers the best option.

Now that you’re a hanger expert, which will you choose? We’d love to know more about what makes good clothes hangers in your opinion, so leave any questions or comments you may have down below.

Spring-Summer Suits Collection 2017 by Suits Supply

Clothes Fashion
mens suit

Formal suit for men is a must whether it is a wedding, celebration, ceremony, parties or ball. The suits fashion become worldwide, not only embraced in american, european countries but also in Asian Countries as well as India, China, etc. Suitsupply mens design suits are made of linen or mixes of linens with cashmere, cotton and silk – perfect combinations for a comfortable Summer suit. There are several color patterns like neutral – off-whites, understated navy, grass and burnt-orange.

mens suit mens suit clothes mens clothes mensware formal suit formal mens clothes suitsupply spring suit summer suit suits formal suits men suits men suits men suits men suits men suits men suits men suits wedding men suits party men suit men suits men suits men suits


Photos: © Courtesy of Suitsupply

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