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How to pack a Garment Bag

How to pack a Garment Bag

People often travel with big suitcases or heavy sports bags, but an experienced traveler takes the road with a bag of comfortable clothing properly streamlined. Just because we travel abroad for business purposes that require a suit, we have become experts in packing bags for every occasion.

Step 1: Wash then iron clothes before putting them in a garment bag.

Start with clean and ironed items so that you need to work less as soon as you arrive at your preferred destination.

Step 2: Lightly fill the arms and legs of your clothes with white tissue paper to maintain proper shape and avoid wrinkles.

The white cloth is better when your backpack gets wet. The colored fabric has a dye that can bleed on your clothes.

Step 3: Do schedule to determine the other components of packing.

Check your itinerary and place the items you need later in the trip on the back of the bag of clothing and items you need beforeat the front.

Step 4: Hang the clothes on the hanger.

Some of the garment bags come with integrated hangers, while others require different hangers. If you choose to use your own hanger, it is preferable to use a wire hanger as they are lightweight and require less space.

Step 5: Use the straps on the formal pieces to attach them to the hangers.

This avoids stretching of the garment by pulling against the straps. It prevents wrinkle of the clothes.

Step 6: Close all zippers of the garment.

It is used to keep clothes safe and avoid wrinkles. Pull the zippers and press the buttons.

Step 7: Keep a dry plastic cleaning bag on each hook.

The plastic prevents the wrinkles that might be caused due to rubbing of the clothes.

Step 8: Use inside pockets

Keep under garments, handkerchiefs, cosmetics and other similar items in the inside pockets of the garment bag.

Step 9: Put your shoes in a shoe bag made of cotton or in a plastic bag.

You can keep socks on your shoes to save space. Keep the shoes in the bottom.

Step 10: Secure your clothing bag by fastening it.

Depending on the bag, fold it carefully in half or three. Use zippers included to secure the bag. It should look like a briefcase. 

Step 11: Use a dry cleaning bag.

If you have a protective bag in your closet that is not designed as a separate suitcase, you can use that to travel. Close the bag and fold it carefully in two or three parts so that it fits perfectly in the suitcase.

Now you are done so get ready for a happy journey. Click here to get the best garment bag of your choice.