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Mistaken While Arranging a Garment Bag

Mistaken While Arranging a Garment Bag

While traveling and packing a garment bag we all commit some common mistakes and we are seldom bothered about those in the beginning. Here we take a helpful initiative to figure out some of the most common issues that can be encountered while arranging clothes inside your garment bag.

1. Packing on the go.

Usually, this provides so much clothing that items are not used during your trip. Instead, wear clothes you would like to pack, so resist the temptation to add an extra pair of shoes and avoid the feeling that you might forget something.

2. Do not bring mismatched clothes.

Never find yourself trapped with a brown belt and black shoes. If you organize your outfit in a simple color scheme, you will have less to worry about when you arrive at your destination. Bring the basics, like a black skirt and a classic white Oxford, to combine them. Add scarves or costume jewelery to spice things up without taking up too much space in your purse.

3. Don’t waste hidden space

The room is sacred if you pack your bags for a vacation and want to use every corner. The shoes are perfect for necklaces and thick socks. Simply slide the item into a sock, wrap it and insert it.

4. Do not share toiletries.

Although it seems natural for everyone to bring their own stuffs, you should consider grouping into a family outing. When you tackle the basic elements, such as toothpaste, a small space is saved and can be used for another beach outfit.


  1. Remove clean clothes from the bag.


The next time you take your clothes off the cleaner, leave it in plastic bags and put it in your suitcase. The plastic reduces friction and makes your clothes look less wrinkled.


Please do keep these simple things in mind and then start your journey with a garment bag.