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The Garment Bag Checklist before buying

The Garment Bag Checklist before buying

Before you purchase any garment bag there should be a checklist that you should follow in order to make the criteria match as per your requirements. A garment bag is your most useful friend for long trips to carry your apparels that will keep your garments in the best possible state. We, at Ezihom tried to create a checklist for you all in order to help you.

  1. The Material

We should always be very concerned about the material of the garment bag. They can also be further classified as follows:

  • Whether it is water proof?
  • The robustness of the material.
  • If the material will be wrinkle free for you garment

After checking these few points you should take the ultimate decision of purchasing the garment bag.

  1. The Color

Color is one of the key factors of choice irrespective of the product you are purchasing. Same is the case for garment bags. Do check and choose the preferred color that you would like to have in order to do justice to your closet. 

  1. The Design

There are a variety of garment bags available with different designs and shapes. It is a great chance for you to get the variety and choose from it. It should be judged based on your personality and purpose of travel.

  1. The Space Inside

Depending on the extra things that you want to carry along with your garments you should choose your garment bag based on the space and number of pockets. You can carry some most accessible items inside the bag and make your journey more comfortable.


  1. The Weight

We should always aim for a light weight garment bag because a heavy garment bag can create unnecessary problems and can make your trip an irritating one.


These are some of the points that one should check and follow before purchasing a garment bag. Ezihom is always there to provide you the most useful and comfortable garment bags.