Your Guide to Hanging Expensive Men’s Suits Properly with Wood Hangers

Buying a custom-made men’s suit will cost you $2,000 easily. How you take care of that suit will determine whether or not you get your money’s worth in its wear. Thankfully luxury wood hangers are made with men’s suits in mind. These high class solid hangers will hold up your heaviest suits. Plus, your clothing benefits from the special features of suits hangers. Learn how to extend the life of your expensive suit using wood hangers.

Men's Suits

Step 1: Replacing Plastic Hangers

Your first step is to replace those pesky plastic hangers in your closet. When you invest in men’s wood hangers you are saving yourself right off the bat. How many times have you had to throw away a broken plastic clothes hanger that couldn’t hold up your suit? Stop replacing broken hangers with plastic, and utilize wood hangers instead. In addition to being made from durable, long lasting materials, you are safe from BPA and other toxins in plastics.

Featuring hardwood sourced for making smooth yet sturdy men’s hangers, a well-made wood hanger will last you a lifetime. Your clothes will be held up by natural materials free of noxious plastic chemicals.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Men’s Hangers

In order to do the job of hanging men’s suits, heavy coats, winter sweatshirts, and pressed pants, you need the right hangers. For starters, when hanging men’s clothing you need hangers with a wide shoulder. Opt for luxury wood hangers with wide paddle-like features that hold up the shoulder rather than letting it droop.

Your pants require a little assistance to keep them from dropping from hangers as well. Check out the rubberized grip on the horizontal pants rod on men’s hangers. This is ideal for holding slick pants material in position on a hanger. Yet it is thick enough to prevent a crease from forming on the pants.

Suits hangers
You need a hanger that can hold your shirt, pants, and dress jacket on one strong hanger for convenience and to save time. A set of men’s wood hangers will achieve this goal for your wardrobe.

Step 3: How to Select Men’s Wood Hangers

If you are ready to add a touch of elegance and high quality to your closet, then its time to start using men’s wood hangers. Your first step is to count the number of plastic hangers you are going to replace with wood hangers for men. Look for men’s hangers made from solid wood, a metal swivel hook, and wide shoulder bars. You also want a wood pants bar with a rubberized finish.

Next consider the color of your hangers. Choose the same color for all of your hangers for a professional arrangement. Suits hangers and other wood hangers are most likely to be stained rather than painted, in order to show off the quality wood.

By using luxury wood hangers for your men’s clothing needs you increase the value of your wardrobe. Give men’s wood hangers a place to hang out in your closet.

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