• Retro Suit Hangers EZ0020


After spending top dollar to fill your wardrobe you want to ensure your dresses, business suits, formal attire, and casual wear has the best shelf life. Enter the world of wooden hangers designed by EzihomĀ®. The Clothes Hangers made from solid wood are the highest quality of wooden hangers available.


  • Premium quality Gugertree wood hangers made from an Asian evergreen that is highly durable and safe for use with all fabrics and materials
  • Top performing Trouser bar on wood hangers customized with a rubberized surface to prevent pants from slipping or becoming creased mid-leg
  • Expansive width of wooden hangers well suited to successfully hang winter coats, business suits and formal dresses without falling off
  • Superior design is preferred among men and women who want the best wood hangers in order to make their garments last
  • Natural finished wooden hangers suited for a variety of garments including suit hangers, coat hangers, dress hangers and casual clothes hangers
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Shipping Method Ocean Freight