Wondering Where to Wear your Expensive Custom Suits? Here are 5 Options!

Custom Wedding Suits

You’ve acquired some gorgeous custom suits, just like very man should have. Now the big question – where do you wear them? Many men aren’t sure of the etiquette for suit wear. Here are eight places that it’s always acceptable to dress up, so pull that jacket and tie off the wood hangar and suit up!

Weddings should be an obvious option. Unless you are going to a redneck wedding with a camouflage and denim dress code, an expensive custom suit is always appropriate. Choose the cut, color, and weight based on whether it is a spring or winter wedding, the venue is indoors or out, and the hour is morning or evening.

Wedding Custom Suits

Job Interviews
Another obvious option – it’s almost always right to wear a suit to a job interview, even if it’s for a job where you won’t need to wear a suit every day. The higher up in the company hierarchy the interviewer is, the more expensive your custom suit should be. Don’t forget a memorable (but not unprofessional) tie.

On a First Date
Unless you are going to do something that requires specific clothing (such as a hike or a bowling alley) a custom suit can make an amazing impression and show the lady you are taking out that she’s important enough to dress up for. Stay subtle, not flashy, and let the classiness of your attire spill out into your attitude.

Networking Events
Trade shows and other networking events may get you out of the office but they shouldn’t get you out of your custom suit. Dress like a professional, and up your game at the after show cocktail party! Don’t forget the pocket square.

custom suits

At Legal Proceedings
Depositions and court appearances are solemn events and you will be expected to be professional. Showing up in an expensive custom suit gives you an extra layer of armor, which can be very helpful, and keeps people from making unfavorable assumptions about you. A three-piece suit with a waistcoat is appropriate; keep the tie subtle.

To Business Meetings
Even if it’s just a professional meet and greet at a bar or a brunch with higher ups, a custom suit can ensure you are at the top of your game and make you look every inch the professional. Aim for sophisticated and understated, but add a splash of color with a tie stripe ort a pocket square.

As with weddings, unless it’s explicitly stated that the dress is casual, you can’t go wrong with a suit. For more relaxed events and garden parties, you can lighten your look with a pinstripe or colored shirt – for black tie affairs, of course black and white is expected as is a bow tie.

Custom Mens Suits

The Opera
Visiting the opera is a throwback to a more genteel time, and dressing up is half the fun. An expensive custom suit is never out of place. Tails are optional, as is an expensive scarf and a topcoat if the evening is chilly.

Don’t forget to take good care of your expensive custom suits. Store them on a wood hangar and make sure you have them cleaned several times a year even if they are not worn.

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